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 26, 2016

I'm not that particular about my food and I don't care about a seasoning, but...!!.マルコメ プラス糀 生糀みそ 650g+10%増量マルコメ 売り上げランキング : 386Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Toolsこれで味付けする味噌汁は、今まで食べた味噌汁とまったく違う!甘み、旨み、香り、すべてが素晴らしい。他の味噌は買えなくなりそうだ。醤油や塩も身体をつくる。もったいないと毛嫌いせず、少しずつ試してみようかなと思う。...


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 24, 2013

藤原さんちの毎日ごはん2(2011/06/17)みきママ商品詳細を見るI like the recipe book very much! The author 藤原みきさん has an astonishing talent to create awesome dishes. All of her resipes can be made quickly and easily (that's why I like it), and each dish never fails to satisfy my taste! I had no work today, aside from two online lessons, so I cooked lunch. Oh, dear..., her 夏野菜の塩だれそうめん ...

Apple and Honey cake

 08, 2012

This is a cake called "Apple and Honey." I got a new rice cooker at low prices the other day, and then I found that it happened to have a useful function of baking cakes. I gave it a whirl today by trying an easy-to-make recipe. Not bad, isn't it? Fancy a piece of this? The recipe I tried is in this book.炊飯器におまかせ!おいしいお菓子&ふっくらパン―Very easy! (Gakken mook)(2005/10)江端 久美子...


 29, 2012

I took a Korean lesson today. After the class, my teacher told me how to make Kimpub(海苔巻き)....


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 13, 2011

北海道日本ハムファイターズの寮ごはん (TJMOOK) (TJ MOOK)(2011/08/26)日本ハム株式会社中央研究所商品詳細を見るI cannot resist charms of cooking books, especially when I find them useful for my kids' healthy diet. また買ってしまいました、レシピ本。「北海道 日本ハムファイターズの寮ごはん」です。個人的にはソフトバンクの寮ごはんを知りたかったのですが、まあ、それは置いておいて。野球少年の息子のために、少...