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It's a Boy!

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 23, 2013

CNN News : Royal BabyPalace officials say Prince William's wife Kate has given birth to a baby boy! Her age must be 31 now, so does it mean she's just given a birth in her climacteric year? We have such a custom here in Japan, and I had an experience of this. When I had my son at the age of 31, my mother-in-law delightedly told me that I was very lucky because I gave birth to a baby boy at the age...


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 23, 2011

やっぱりな~という気持ちと、待ってました~という気持ちが複雑にからみあうニュースでございます...。The much-anticipated 3-D version of James Cameron's "Titanic" will officially sail into theaters on April 6, 2012. According to a statement from Paramount, the release date for the revamped edition of the Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet blockbuster was chosen to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic...


 28, 2008

CNN ENGLISH EXPRESS (イングリッシュ・エクスプレス) 2006年 09月号 [雑誌](2006/08/05)不明商品詳細を見る【ハリケーン・シーズン到来】 Today marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Reports forecast some troubling times for the Caribbean and parts of the U.S., especially New Orleans, which is still reeling from Hurricane Katrina.... ...


 24, 2008

CNN ENGLISH EXPRESS (イングリッシュ・エクスプレス) 2006年 06月号 [雑誌](2006/05/06)不明商品詳細を見る【大麻所持で、ジョージ・マイケル逮捕される】 British pop star George Michael has been arrested in London on drugs charges. News reports quote police as saying that the singer, who's sold 80 million records worldwide, was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car in the Hyde park area of cen...


 13, 2008

CNN ENGLISH EXPRESS (イングリッシュ・エクスプレス) 2008年 06月号 [雑誌](2008/05/07)不明商品詳細を見る【愛子さま、学習院幼稚園へご入園】 The 4-year-old and only child of the direct heir to Japan's throne went to kindergarten for the first time today. Aiko clutched his father's hand and smiled shyly as her parents escorted her to an elite kindeegarten in Tokyo. Japan's royal family hasn't had a mal...