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 19, 2016

I always used my notebooks while working on TOEIC questions, but it was very confusing especially when I checked my answers. I got overwhelmed among its numbers and alphabets on a page, and sometimes I ended up having a problem to tell where I was in 200 questions. I could've used my printer to make a copy of TOEIC textbooks' answer sheets, but its copy function was amazingly changeable and some...

Which One to Choose?

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 18, 2016

Because my TOEIC score was not good enough to teach English in adults' classes, I set my mind to working on the test. One of my friends recommended some textbooks to me, and I was excited to know that these books had its instructions written in Korean. The purveyor of the books came from Korea, so I sent an inquiry in Korean. They say a little language goes a long way, and I'm sure it does! HACKER...


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 08, 2016

TOEIC 究極の模試600問 (CD・別冊解答・解説・DL特典付)ヒロ前田 アルク 2012-05-31売り上げランキング : 1973Amazonで詳しく見る by G-ToolsBecause one of my friends strongly recommended this textbook to me for months, I finally decided to give it a try. What she'd said was perfectly right! I'm sure this book will help any learners, including a hopelessly lazy learner like me, to develop their English sk...


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 26, 2016

今年5月からTOEICがまたまたリニューアルされるということで、ウン年ぶりに公式問題集を買ってみた。まだ手元に届いていないが、TOEICテスト公式問題集 新形式問題対応編Educational Testing Service 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション協会 2016-02-18売り上げランキング : 12Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Toolsこれである。どのように新しくなり、どのように難しくなるのか興味津々。届いたらすぐ、解いてみたいと思う。...


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 01, 2016

CD付 新TOEICテスト990点攻略 (新TOEICテストスコア別攻略シリーズ 5)濱崎 潤之輔 旺文社 2013-07-28売り上げランキング : 52959Amazonで詳しく見る by G-Tools大晦日の昨日、この本を買った。衝動買いだ。990点満点をめざすことに、正直こだわりはない。狙うためには、それ相応の努力と準備が必要だと思うし、受験中、一瞬のスキも見せてはならない姿勢など、、、注意力散漫の私にはとても期待できそうにないからだ。でも、で...