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 10, 2014



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 01, 2013

I missed an occasion to chat in English over lunch in January due to an activity at my son's school. And then I passed up another one last month because I came down with a nasty cold. Today, finally, I went out in the rain for having time with English learners!今日の英会話ランチは、英語がスラスラ出てこない感覚がひどくて、エジプト文明の遺物であるオベリスクを説明するのに、まあ、情けないくらい四苦八...


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 08, 2012

  I've been to a restaurant once a month to join an English class. Even though I call it "an English class", there is no textbook we should follow. The wonderful occasion must have set up to encouage eager learners at first, but it's more like a get-together. Participants spend almost 2 hours chatting with an English native speaker and sharing each opinion in English.今月の参加者は、ネイティブゲ...


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 05, 2012

I went to Mellow Green Tea Room this morning to take an English speaking lesson for the first time. I didn't expect at all that I would have another "for the first time" in one day. I arrived at the place about ten minutes early, so I was standing outside and waiting for the opening time. While chatting with a participant, I noticed that someone was walking toward me. For a moment, I was totally s...