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なんて器用なアーティスト ~VANNESS~

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 26, 2013

He can sing, he can dance and he can perform with a peculiar charm.He speaks Chinese, but he was born and raised in the States.Naturally enough his English is fantastic, and he's even released some albums in Japanese.I cannot believe that he had trouble with Chinese when he played a role in the drama "流星花園"なんて器用な。 いや、なんて努力家なんだと云うべきか。爱不爱不都要爱I like one of his son...


 04, 2013

I've just received two CDs from China! As soon as I got home, I listened to these, "有人在等" and "韋禮安," and I instantly mesmerized by the singer-songwriter's gift again. What a quality!! His second album "有人在等" is absolutely great, but his first one "韋禮安" named after himself is clear-cut perfect! All of the songs in the album are fantastic as I expected, but I should say my favorite o...


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 02, 2013

Because having desperatly wanted to get his albums, I finally had a finger in an overseas sites. I'd never placed an order like this before, so I was a bit nervous to press a payment button appearing on my PC's screen. It's getting pretty easy for us to purchase almost anything on the Net on the spot, so I cannot help but worry that I would be in serious trouble soon or later due to my reckless sh...

ひと耳惚れのシンガーソングライター ~韋禮安~

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 24, 2013